Coral-Truck Science Center

Coral Truck is a new type of mobile museum. It is also a new form of human-nature communication. Build on modern technologies and our passion to marine biology and conservation, Coral-Truck brings interesting stories from coral reef to the place where you live.


 Our exhibition is based on 3D video of real coral reef, which we filmed specifically for this project. We’ll tell you how this fragile ecosystem lives, which problems it suffering from and how we, people, can help coral reef to survive. Our guides are professional marine biologists and teachers, who really like what they doing.


Despite of “traditional” oceanariums, Coral-Truck is eco-friendly. We don’t harm underwater inhabitants in any ways and don’t keep animals in captivity. Our mission is to help people and nature live in harmony with each other.


In Coral Truck we sure, that new technologies bring new possibilities in nature conservation. We want to inspire people to see them as a way to unite humanity and other species present on planet Earth.

Coral Truck travels around the world. Find out where you can visit us. Everybody are welcome!